About us

Talent & experience is what makes us special !

Talent & experience is what makes us special !

Hypersoft helps you unlock your creativity through and give access to project-based learning modules and courses in CAD 2D & 3D design. Each course teaches you to use design thinking and software skills to make innovative designs that have an impact on people’s lives. Authored by leading architects & engineers every one of our courses delivers measurable results aligned with academic and industry standards. Our learning resources, combined withAutodesk’s commitment to providing free educational software worldwide, give you the full toolset to free your imagination and start designing.

Hypersoft offers content for students to fit a diverse range of learning experiences. Whether you’re a beginner looking for foundational courses, an enthusiast searching for a new challenge or an instructor in need of course material, Hypersoft has something for you.

Academic Alignment

Our content is carefully mapped to the major topics and learning objectives to study in the fields of Architecture and Engineering designing, with an in-depth exploration of how design works in a specific industry so that our content complements what you’re learning in college.

Learning content levels

Hypersoft learning content is designed in two levels. Students can develop everything from a foundational level to specialized level with Hypersoft content made for everyone.


In beginning-level, students learn fundamental software skills with design principles, to develop a strong foundation in CAD, encouraging them to start making real design decisions.


In advanced-level students learn more complex software techniques and design principles which challenge students to make connections between software techniques and their own skill sets. These learning will connect students with specialized roles to prepare them for the industry.