Electrical CAD

Classes in Vadodara

Classes in Vadodara

Electrical CAD equips the students with skills in designing an electronics product is circuit designing or schematic diagram. Electrical CAD software can automate all design works. You can effortlessly create electrical and electronic diagrams, schematics, control circuit diagrams, and documentation.

Useful CAD software’s for Electrical Engineers


Average Electrical engineer salary in India for different job Roles.

Source: PayScale.com as on 1 Dec 2019

Industrial Expert Words

Engineers In this age, when everything is moving towards digitization its highly recommended that you keep yourself up to date with the latest technologies, especially in the engineering designing where everything is designed using the software. Learning CAD will help to open up many more avenues other than the regular engineering jobs.

Meera Luthra

CEO, Digitise IT

It’s a harsh reality these days that Mechanical, Civil & electrical engineers are having very less opportunity to get the jobs as a fresher. Adding practical skills and some extra abilities with your academic will help you stand out.

Gunjan Shah

Project Manager, Rhythm