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Information for Candidates:

If you are looking for a job; please visit Hypersoft office and submit required details. We will publish your details on our website & employers will contact directly.

Information for Employer:

In case you find any of the candidates listed below useful; you may contact them directly. We will be pleased to provide any further information you may require about the candidate. Please write to us at hyper9@gmail. If you feel that the candidate needs some additional practice before being employed; please tell the candidate under information to us. We provide facility of additional practice to the candidates without any extra charge.

List of Candidate Available

Available Filled
Date Status Job

Dhrumit P Gandhi Degree Electrical Engineer , Good knowledge of ProE & Creo , Matlab , Multisim , Simulink , Design Motor Blower Assembly in 3D , Contact me on 8511529939


Keyur P Shah Degree Mechanical Engineer , Good knowledge of AutoCAD 2D & Advance 3D , Design Screw Jack in 3D. Fresh , Contact me on 7698297994


Nishita M Tamboli Degree Electrical Engineer , Good knowledge of AutoCAD 2D & Advance 3D , Design Transformer in 3D. Working since 4 months , Contact me on 9725151601


Manoj D Sathwara , BE-Civil-2014 , Good in AutoCAD 2D Planning , Good in Revit Modeling , Certifiy by HYPERSOFT - AutoDesk with 61% - Contact me on - 9426174546

Currently doing job since 2 years.


Tahir M Hokla , BE-Civil-2015 , Good in AutoCAD 2D Planning , Good in 3DMax Modeling , Certifiy by HYPERSOFT - AutoDesk with 80% - Contact me on - 9904439539


Kaushal B Gandhi - software known - AutoCAD , Tekla - Experience 4 years - 9662020437


Natasha Mistry , Diploma Architect , done advance 3D project , hypersoft certified project copy ready with me. can contact me on 



Hardik  9898060017  Mechanical Engr  with 1 year experience


Mahesh Patel -

Diploma mechanical with 5 years of experience.

Salary - as per company policy.